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12 Unique + Modern DIY Nursery Decor Ideas

Put your own spin on your sweet babe’s new room with DIY nursery decor ideas that feel fresh, modern and different from what every other girl or boy born this year will have. 

Put your spin on your sweet babe's new room with DIY nursery decor ideas that are fresh, modern and different from what every other kid born this year will have. Lots of gender neutral ideas that are good for a girl or a boy.| MakeAndDoCrew.comThis post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting Make & Do Crew!

For a lot of expecting parents, dreaming up ideas for the nursery is a fun way to pass the time while everyone eagerly await the baby’s arrival. There’s nothing wrong with buying elements of your nursery decor, but adding some handmade touches to the room can go a long way in making it feel unique and imbued with love.

The following dozen DIY nursery decor ideas range in complexity from super easy to pretty time consuming. Whatever projects you choose to tackle, take your time and make them out of love. Your little baby will sleep most of the time at first and love to gaze at you when they’re awake. They won’t care what the nursery looks like.

…But it sure is nice for you to have something beautiful to look at (besides your baby of course!) when you’re nursing at 3am.

All of these decor ideas are gender neutral, so customize away based on if you’re having a boy, a girl or a surprise!

 How to make a pom pom rug! This soft, scrumptiously squishy DIY pom pom rug takes very few skills to create and is a great way to use up a bunch of scrap yarn! Click for full tutorial. |
1. DIY Pom Pom Rug – Nothing improves a midnight diaper change like sinking your bare feet into this DIY pom pom rug as you stand in front of the changing table. This rug adds so much texture to a nursery which makes it fun for babies to squirm on, toddlers to “pet” and stylish moms to decorate with.

These easy sock robots are a perfect beginner sewing project because they only require a few basic hand sewing skills. Plus, they're a great activity to help teach kids how to sew. |
2. Little Sock Robots – Make these DIY robot toys from some (preferably new) socks for a toy that looks as cute on the shelf as it does when it’s thrown across the room. (You don’t think that newborn is just going to lie there forever do you?)

This bunny shelf makes a perfect Easter craft idea for Spring or DIY nursery decor to enjoy year round! Make it out of popsicle sticks using the free downloadable template. Click to see the full tutorial. |
3. Popsicle Stick Bunny Shelf – If you’ve had a popsicle craving during your pregnancy, you can put all those sticks to good use with this DIY bunny shelf. Just kidding. Buy a giant box of sticks and make this sweet little shelf with the free template. Hang it on the wall with some other DIY art to make a capital-A adorable gallery wall or set in on another shelf for a totally meta decoration.

Super thorough tutorial on how to recover a glider chair for a baby's nursery. Instructions on sewing replacement slipcovers and painting the chair. Click to learn how to DIY your own glider makeover. |
4. Simple Glider Rocking Chair Upgrade – Gliders are often kind of ugly, but they don’t have to be. Find one on Craigslist and give it a simple makeover so that it’s something you actually want to look at everyday.

TUTORIAL: How to turn cigar boxes into floating DIY box shelves. This super easy home decor project can be done in about 15 minutes and looks great in a gallery wall. Perfect "art" idea for a nursery, playroom, bedroom or home office. |
5. Cigar Box Floating Shelves – These floating box shelves are super easy to make (like 15 minutes easy) and you can swap out the background paper or the little guys living inside whenever you want to change up your wee one’s nursery decor.

This DIY button art project looks great in a baby's room or nursery, especially as part of a gallery wall. Free printable template to make your own. Click for the full tutorial. |
6. Button Art – Fill in any simple shape with buttons to create a texture-rich piece of unique art for your baby’s room. A tree happens to be a perfect uncomplicated silhouette, but any animal silhouette or a babe’s first initial would work well too. (Free template!)

This graphic, modern DIY wall art idea is perfect for a hip nursery, bedroom or as wedding or Valentine's Day decor. Make it for $5-10! Click for the free template and full tutorial. |
7. Geometric Heart DIY Wall Art – These simple, graphic hearts add charm to a baby or kid’s room without feeling over-the-top sweet. (Free template!)

This free embroidery pattern is based on the American Sign Language sign for "I love you." Perfect DIY nursery decor idea or Valentine's Day gift idea. Download the design at
8. “I Love You” Embroidery Art – This free embroidery pattern with the American Sign Language sign for “I love you” is a simple way to tell your baby, well, I love you. (And I love to make super cute things for you.)

Make awesome mid century modern honeycomb shelves for less than $10 using popsicle sticks! These West Elm worthy hexagon shelves add warmth and dimension to any gallery wall and also look great on their own. Click for instructions and free downloadable template. |
9. DIY Honeycomb Shelves – Just because they’re a baby doesn’t mean they don’t deserve good design. These hexagon wall decorations are perfect for holding small sentimental keepsakes in your baby’s nursery. (Free template!)

DIY nursery decor idea for wall art using quotes
10. Inspiring Wall Art – Find your favorite quote, song lyric or nursery rhyme and make a sweet little wall hanging out of a canvas, paint, fabric and stickers. This is a DIY nursery decor at it’s finest–even a woman who is 13 months pregnant could have the energy to tackle it. It’s that easy.

finished-beekeepers-quilt-knitting-pattern11. Squishy Knit Hexagon DIY Play Mat – I’m not going to lie. This Beekeeper’s Quilt is not a quick project. But it’s still one of my favorite things I’ve ever knit. It makes a wonderful, fluffy place to plop a baby and it looks super cool on the floor of a nursery.

A DIY wall art idea that uses wooden letters (from any craft store) to make faux letterpress printing blocks. The vintage typography look adds so much charm to any room! Click for the full step-by-step tutorial. | MakeAndDoCrew.com12. Faux Letterpress Wall Art – This is another DIY nursery decor idea that doesn’t feel too childish, yet gives a cool nod to the alphabet. Make it with cheap wooden letters from the craft store!

So, what are you planning to make for your sweet baby’s nursery? And if you’re feeling too tired or nauseous to DIY, you have a free pass to outsource any of your nursery projects. Seriously, ask for help! It’s good practice for after the baby comes. Take it from this fiercely independent lady. 😉

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  • Jamie
    May 3, 2016 at 10:21 pm

    No judgement is passed if we DIY these decorations for our adult rooms, correct?

    • Jess @ Make and Do Crew
      May 5, 2016 at 3:23 pm

      Haha, no judgement! That’s what I like about most of these ideas–they don’t scream “kid” room. I think it’s never too early to teach your baby a good design aesthetic! 🙂



  • Monyc
    December 6, 2017 at 4:30 am

    So cute details. What about baby room window blinds? It’s better light, maching with furniture and murals or better dark to avoid sun rays? My baby is 17 weeks old and i want to be safe and sure.


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