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8 Cozy, Semi-Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

A super simple free knit boot toppers pattern. These leg warmers make a great DIY Christmas gift idea and are easily customizable. Click to view pattern. |

This is about the time of year where my one-woman-sweatshop goes into extra sweaty mode. There’s enough time left before Christmas to dream big DIY dreams, but not so much time I’m totally anxiety-free when considering what I hope to accomplish by December 25. Sometimes the hardest part is coming up with the perfect DIY gift idea to make someone–something you can make semi-quickly that they will also value and appreciate.

So today, I give you eight extremely cozy DIY Christmas gift ideas where the final product is sure to warrant the time and love (and sweat) you put into it.

Make a felted sweater into a pair of mittens. Tutorial includes printable pattern! | MakeAndDoCrew.com1. Recycle an old wool sweater into a pair of killer mittens with this simple mitten tutorial (+ free printable pattern!) There are so many possibilities with this pattern. Head to your local thrift store, buy every wool sweater you can find and then make some finger flair for everyone you know assembly-line-style. How fun does that sound!?

A super simple free knit boot toppers pattern. These leg warmers make a great DIY Christmas gift idea and are easily customizable. Click to view pattern. |
2. Give the gift of warm calves with this simple knit boot topper pattern. They’re super quick to knit up and can be endlessly customized. This beginner pattern is perfect for knitters who are just getting the hang of double pointed needles.

A simple pattern to knit felted wool slippers. Knits up in two hours, which which makes it a great DIY Christmas gift idea. Click for more details. |
3. Forget glass slippers. This Christmas felted wool slippers are where it’s at. Knit these quick puppies up, throw them in the washer to felt them and add a bit of decorative trim. You’ll be done faster than you can get through the checkout line at H&M.

A free beginner crochet cowl pattern made from cotton yarn. Super cozy DIY Christmas gift idea! Click to view full pattern. |
4. Don’t know your gift recipient’s shoe size? This cotton crocheted cowl is the perfect DIY gift for someone whom you’d like to bundle up in love.

Make these super easy DIY legwarmers/boot toppers from the sleeves of an old sweater. Such a fast, adorable DIY gift idea with minimal sewing required. Click to see full tutorial. |
5. And if speed is the name of the game with your DIY Christmas gifts this year, grab a bunch of thrifted sweaters and transform the sleeves into sets of DIY legwarmers. With minimal sewing, you can have a hip pair of legwarmers or boot toppers in about 15 minutes.

Free knit fingerless glove pattern. These knit mitts make a super fast DIY gift idea and are endlessly customizable. Click for tutorial. |
6. When you’re looking for a DIY gift idea that says, “I love you, but not enough to make you full gloves,” this free fingerless mitt pattern is your best friend. These take one skein of yarn and a couple hours to make. Done and done.

T-shirt scarf tutorial. All the details of how to make a t-shirt scarf. Super easy DIY gift idea that only costs about $1! |
7. If learning to knit or crochet was the one 2015 resolution you didn’t get around to, don’t despair! This splatter paint t-shirt scarf tutorial requires no knitting, crocheting, sewing or public speaking skills. Simply grab a pair of scissors and go to town. These DIY scarves can be made in so many different ways and only cost about $1 each. A win all around!

Free beginner snowman crochet hat pattern. Sizes include newborn, infant (baby) and toddler. So much cuteness! Click to view free pattern.8. And for the smallest gift recipients in your life, there’s pretty much no cuter DIY gift to give than this crochet snowman hat. Of the many things I’ve made to adorn my children’s heads, this definitely has one of the highest time-put-in-to-compliments-received ratios.

How to make stunning DIY Christmas ornaments from paper straws. Super easy and cheap craft idea for both kids and adults. The result is both charming and sophisticated. Click to view full tutorial!BONUS! It’s certainly hard to classify paper straws as “cozy,” but once you’ve whipped up some of the DIY Christmas gift ideas listed above, these paper straw Christmas tree ornaments are the perfect gift topper. You can batch make them quite quickly so no one’s gift goes un-topped!

What DIY gifts are you planning to make this Christmas? (Yes, giving an Amazon gift card in an envelope you licked all by yourself totally counts!)

8 simple DIY Christmas gift ideas. Keep your loved ones cozy with these free knitting and crocheting patterns and craft tutorials. Click to see the full list! |


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