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Easy, Inexpensive DIY Wall Art Ideas

When we lived in our loft in San Francisco, we had four walls. In the entire apartment. That place was airy and open and, well, wall-less. Those four walls were 18 glorious, intimidating feet tall. And that meant everything we hung on them looked like a little spec of unintentional dust. So for most of the time we were there, I just left those big beautiful walls as bare as a baby’s bottom. It may have looked minimalist modern, but in reality, this “design choice” was just based on not having any clue what to do with all that space!

Well, now we live in a boxylicious 100-year-old Virginia “mansion” (if only by isty-bitsy San Francisco standards). This house comes with its own set of challenges, but a lack of perfect places to put art isn’t one of them. And although we found out that the homeowners want to move in so unfortunately our lease will not be renewed, I can’t stop myself from trying to figure out ways to fill all of these inviting walls in our remaining months here.

Here are some of my favorite DIY wall art ideas, with an emphasis on being E to the Z. That’s right. Easy peasy. Most of these could be done over a lunch break and most definitely during a two hour episode of the Bachelor. I mean every artist needs a little background noise, right?

Both of these awesome patterns are made by tracing a series of circles. This multicolored one from Two Girls Being Crafty is made with paint-chips, but I think painting in the colored sections might be even less time-consuming. (Have I mentioned how impatient I am?) The striking yellow one from Live Like You would be pretty perfect against a grey wall, wouldn’t it?

I love the texture of this string art ampersand from Curbly. Plus, am I the only one who is reminded of making string art in fourth grade art class when I look at this? This triangle beauty from How About Orange is really as simple as knowing how to use a pair of scissors, which most days, I can handle.

I can’t get enough grey and yellow and these two options make my eyes drool. I wish I could reach and and touch these pinwheels from Hostess Blog and I’m kind of a sucker for beautifully textured frames like these from Martha Stewart. What could be easier than hanging empty frames?

Are you sad you didn’t get your piece of the Missoni pie at Target last week? Make these simple masking tape chevron paintings from Make Under My Life and Missoni himself will be asking you for inspiration. And these graphic stenciled numbers from Curbly could make any house feel like it’s a room in the MOMA. (Okay, maybe the bathroom in the MOMA.)

These emboidery hoop swatches from Purl Bee have been on my list for a while now. What a fantastic way to make use of all your favorite little scraps of fabric until you can find an elf that’s in need of a quilt. These yellow burst of cheer from Apartment Therapy are simply ceiling rosettes painted in a uniform color. Duh. What a beautifully simple way to add a little texture and visual interest to a big, empty wall. (Apartment therapy, where was this idea when I was staring down those 18′ walls in San Francisco?!)

So I’m pretty sure I’m going to try all of these sometime soon. What should I tackle first? Do you have any simple, inexpensive wall art ideas that will make my walls sing?

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  • Mandy
    October 6, 2011 at 2:24 am

    LOVE! I love all of these beauties, but I really fancy the hoop swatches! There are soooo many fabrics that I adore, but don’t really have a project for. Let’s just say I’ll be making a special trip to Fancy Tiger soon…


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