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Crochet Bobble Stitch Afghan – Free Pattern by Simply Made by Erin

Cream colored crochet bobble blanket displayed on a blanket ladder in front of a fireplace.

Follow this free crochet bobble stitch afghan pattern adds the perfect handmade touch to your modern farmhouse decor. Find the free pattern below or purchase the ad-free, printable PDF here.

Thanks to Lion Brand Yarns for supplying the yarn for this easy crochet bobble stitch afghan pattern. This post contains affiliate links.

Welcome back to the Make & Do Crew guest designer series where talented designers from across the internet share their free patterns with you, right here on Make & Do Crew.

Today Erin from Simply Made by Erin is here with her free crochet bobble stitch afghan pattern! You can see lots of of Erin’s crochet patterns in her Etsy shop and on Ravelry. And be sure to check her out on social media too: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Erin, take it away!

The Inspiration For My Crochet Bobble Stitch Afghan Pattern

Hi friends! I’m Erin, the crochet designer behind Simply Made by Erin. I’m self-taught and I’ve been designing for about nine years now. I work out of my home in sunny Arizona, where I live with my husband David, 12 year old son Owen, and golden retriever puppy Tobey.

Some of the very first items I made were baskets and hats. I really focused on making hats the first few years into my career, but found they were more of a seasonal item. I needed something to fill my time year round, and I’ve always had a love for home decor, so I’ve slowly started adding more and more home decor pieces into my designs. Baskets and planters have been some of my my favorite items to design.

Cream colored crochet bobble blanket displayed on a blanket ladder in front of a fireplace.

Today, I’m excited to share my new design with you, The Chevron Bobble Blanket! I have a huge love for chevrons, and a new found love for the bobble stitch.

This ultimately led to me to branch out a bit more into home decor, and my first pillow and throw design was born!

You can find my work on EtsyRavelry, and Love Crafts. I also sell my finished items in a local boutique called The Farmhouse in Kingman, AZ. 

Cream colored crochet blanket and pillow on rocking chair.

This inspired me to create a throw pillow for my living room. I’m really big into interior design, specifically the modern farmhouse style, and had a very specific idea in my head. Once my hands got to work, out came The Chevron Bobble Pillow. It was exactly how I imagined, and I knew it needed a counterpart, thus The Chevron Bobble Blanket was born!!

Bulky Yarn Makes Bobbles a Breeze

This blanket is a quick work-up, it’s small (lap sized), and made with super bulky yarn, you’ll have it done in no time! I chose Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in the color Fisherman because it’s a nice neutral color that really allows the bobbles to pop. I suggest a solid color to show the pattern of the chevrons best.

Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn and free crochet pattern

I used a large hook to give it a little more movement. It is indeed pretty heavy and luxurious, definitely a cold weather blanket. I actually joked with my husband that it’s like a weighted blanket! Feel free to go up a hook size or two if you want a bit more flow (bonus- this will create a larger blanket, but it may also require more yarn), and just play around with what works best for you!

Anyone Can Crochet This Blanket

The pattern is rated Easy. It uses basic crochet stitches such as single, half double, and double crochet.

It’s a great pattern for the advanced beginner to move to the next level, learn some new stitches, such as the bobble stitch, and follow a chart.

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Chevron Crochet Bobble Blanket Free Pattern

Purchase the ad-free, printable PDF here.

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Explanation: Cozy up with this super chunky blanket, or use it as a beautiful decor piece in your modern farmhouse! The beautifully chunky yarn makes it a breeze to whip up in no time.

The use of basic crochet stitches makes it the perfect project for an advanced beginner to move to the next level. You’ll learn how to make the bobble stitch, which will create a beautiful chevron design. (chart and full tutorial included below)

Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick (Weight: 6/super bulky – 106 yds, 6 oz)
Fisherman (#640-099) – 8 skeins
US 16/P (11.50mm) crochet hook
• Yarn needle
• Scissors
• Flexible measuring tape

• Completed blanket measures approximately 32” x 48-50”

• 5 rows and 7hdc = 4 Inches with P Hook

Abbreviations and Glossary (US Terms):
ch(s) – chain/chains
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
bo – four double crochet bobble stitch
st(s) – stitch/stitches
rnd(s) – round/rounds
beg – beginning
x – times
flo – front loop only
blo – back loop only

Overall Pattern Notes:
• Special Stitches:

– Four Double Crochet Bobble Stitch – bo
Yarn over, insert hook in indicated stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook

Crochet bobble stitch tutorial

[yarn over, insert hook in same stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook]3x (5 loops on hook)

Crochet bobble stitch tutorial

Yarn over, pull through all remaining loops on hook. The Bobble will pop out on the backside/wrong side of your work.

How to make a crochet bobble

– Foundation Half Double Crochet:

1. Start with a ch3

2. Yarn over, insert hook in 1st ch/3rd chain from hook, yarn over and pull up a loop (3 loops on hook)

3. Yarn over and pull through 1st loop (this creates your 1st chain stitch)

4. Yarn over and pull through remaining 3 loops on hook (1 foundation half double crochet created)

5. To create your second foundation hdc, yarn over and insert hook under the 2 loops of the chain created in step 3.

6. Yarn over and pull up loop, yarn over and pull through 1st loop.

7. Yarn over and pull through remaining 3 loops on hook.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 until you get the desired length of your foundation row.

– Continue to the link below for video instructions on the foundation HDC:
Foundation HDC Video

• Chart instructions for the chevron portion of the pattern can be found here.

NOTE: The chevron chart represents the chevron pattern in rows 9-84 only. Each black square represents a bobble stitch and each white square represents a single crochet. Remember to turn and ch1 at the beginning of each row. (zoom in to see row numbers more clearly, row 9 starts at the bottom)

• Pattern is worked in one continuous rectangle then a border is worked around the perimeter.

• Beg ch of each row does NOT count as 1st st, work 1st st in same st as beg ch

• Completed blanket measures approximately 32” x 48-50”

Row 1. Complete 51 foundation hdc, turn. (51hdc)

Alternate start: Ch52, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and remaining chs across, turn. (51hdc)

Row 2-7. Ch1, hdc across, turn. (51hdc) (width should measure approximately 30” across)

Row 8. Ch1, working in blo, sc across, turn. (51sc)

Note: Reference Chevron chart here for rows 9-84

Row 9. Ch1, sc, [bo, sc 15]3x, bo, sc, turn. (51sts)

Row 10. Ch1, sc across, turn. (51sts)

Row 11. Ch1, sc, bo [sc, bo, sc 11, bo, sc, bo]3x, sc, turn. (51sts)

Row 12. Repeat row 10. (51sts)

Row 13. Ch1, sc 3, [bo, sc, bo, sc 7, bo, sc, bo, sc 3]3x, turn. (51sts)

Row 14. Repeat row 10. (51sts)

Row 15. Ch1, sc 5, [bo, sc, bo, sc 3, bo, sc, bo, sc 7]2x, bo, sc, bo, sc 3, bo, sc, bo, sc 5, turn. (51sts)

Row 16. Repeat row 10. (51sts)

Row 17. Ch1, sc 7, [(bo, sc)2x, bo, sc 11]2x, (bo, sc)2x, bo, sc 7, turn. (51sts)

Row 18. Repeat row 10. (51sts)

Row 19. Ch1, sc 9, [bo, sc 15]2x, bo, sc 9, turn. (51sts)

Row 20-24. Repeat row 10. (51sts)

Row 25-72. Repeat rows 9-24(3x). (51sts)

Row 73-84. Repeat rows 9-20. (51sts)

Row 85. Ch1, working in flo, hdc across, turn. (51hdc)

Row 86-90. Repeat row 2. (51hdc)

Row 91. Ch1, hdc across, turn. (51hdc)

Finishing Border

– you’ll now be working a continuous rnd along the perimeter of the rectangle to create a border

– do NOT join at the end of each rnd, mark the 1st st of each rnd with a st marker

– if the border tends to ripple or wave, try going down a hook size, but be careful that the corners aren’t worked too tightly or they’ll curl up.

Rnd 1-3. With right side facing, ch1, sc around the entire perimeter of the piece, working 3sc in each corner, 1sc in each row end, and 1sc in each st along row 91 and the foundation ch.

Fasten off by joining with sl st in beg sc, weave in loose ends.
If needed you can block your project, but I found mine really didn’t need it. Enjoy!!

Thanks again to Erin of Simply Made by Erin for sharing this free crochet bobble stitch afghan pattern! Be sure to check out Erin’s Etsy shop for lots more modern crochet patterns!

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