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Summer Crochet Cardigan – Free Pattern by For the Frills

Women standing in field wearing a white dress and a lacy gray crochet cardigan. Her hand is touch the back of her sun hat.

This summer crochet cardigan pattern uses cotton yarn and easy stitches to make the perfect topper for sundresses, tank tops and even swim suits. Get the free pattern below or purchase the ad-free, printable PDF here.

A woman wearing a sun hat and a simple grey crochet cardigan with short sleeves. She's standing in a field of wild grass.
This free summer crochet cardigan pattern is part of a collaboration with Lion Brand Yarns. This post contains affiliate links.

Welcome back to the Make & Do Crew guest designer series where talented designers from across the internet share their free patterns with you, right here on Make & Do Crew.

Today Grace from For The Frills is here with her free summer crochet cardigan pattern! You can see lots of of Grace’s crochet patterns her blog, For The Frills, and on Etsy. And be sure to check her out on social media too: Instagram and Pinterest. Grace, take it away!

Easy, Breezy Summer Crochet Cardigan

Hi Make and Do Crew makers! I’m Grace from For the Frills where I love to create modern, contemporary crochet patterns and video tutorials. Today I’ll be sharing the Willow summer crochet cardigan with you!

The Willow Cardigan instantly elevates any outfit with its breezy, open lace details and relaxed fit. The majority of this easy crochet cardigan is made up of a 4 row repeat using double and treble crochet.

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The use of chains, double crochet and treble crochet stitches create lovely lace details throughout the cardigan without the need to learn complicated techniques! Three panels are crocheted, seamed together and then finished off with simple single crochet edging.

Women in a field facing away from the camera. She is wearing a tan and black sun hat, a white dress and a gray crochet cardigan. Her hand is holding one side of the cardigan spread out.

What Yarn is Best for Summer Crochet Projects?

Lion Brand’s Mako Cotton was the inspiration behind creating this design. This yarn is unlike any other cotton I’ve used. Mako Cotton has a silky-smooth feel with a fluffy, light texture and comes in a variety of pastels and brights. See all the colors of Mako Cotton here.

Free crochet cardigan pattern using Lion Brand Mako Cotton yarn.

It’s a thicker worsted weight yarn but due to the extremely light nature of mako cotton you get great yardage per skein and despite the long length of the cardigan, you feel like you’re wearing a cloud!

I’d highly recommend Mako Cotton for any warm weather designs as it drapes beautifully and has the downy fluffiness of candy floss.

How do I Crochet a Short Sleeve Cardigan?

The Willow Cardigan is an easy level pattern and includes detailed instructions along with progress photos.

This design is comprised of three panels seamed together (with no decreasing or increasing!) and along with the very forgiving fit, it’s a great pattern for beginner crochet garment makers.

You can purchase the printable pdf pattern along with a stitch chart available on Etsy here!

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A grid of photos of a short sleeved crochet cardigan made from very easy lace crochet stitches.

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Willow Crochet Summer Cardigan Free Pattern

Purchase the ad-free, printable PDF with stitch chart here.

Pin this pattern for later here.

Explanation: Light and airy with easy mesh details, the Willow Cardigan is the perfect spring and summer layering piece. The relaxed body and open design create a wonderfully versatile cardigan that pairs well over dresses or jeans and you can even wear it as a cover up on the beach!

Skills required for this easy crochet cardigan include single crochet, double crochet and treble crochet. (Tutorial included below).

Lion Brand LB Collection Mako Cotton (Weight: 4/medium – 125yds, 1.75 oz)
Light Grey (#462-149) – 7 (9, 11) balls
U.S K (6.5 mm) crochet hook
• Yarn needle
Stitch markers

• Measurements in inches:
– To fit Bust: 30-34 (38-42, 45.5-49.5)
– Back Panel Width: 21.5 (27.5, 33.5)
– Front Panel Width: 9.5 (13.5,16)
– Length: 29 (32, 34.5)

• Measurements in cm:
– To fit Bust: 76-86 (96-106, 116-126)
– Back Panel Width: 55 (70, 85)
– Front Panel Width: 24 (34, 40)
– Length: 74 (81, 88)

• 10cm / 4” square = 12 stitches wide x 4 rows tall in treble crochet

Abbreviations and Glossary (US Terms):
Ch – Chain
Sl st – Slip Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
TR – Treble Crochet
Ch-sp – Chain Space
St(s) – Stitch(es)
Rep – Repeat
Sk – Skip

Overall Pattern Notes:
• The sizing guide follows size XS/S (M/L, XL/2XL). E.g. “Ch 68 (86, 104) means ch 68 for XS/S, ch 86 for M/L and ch 104 for XL/2XL.

• ”DC 10” means DC into the next 10 stitches.

• ”2DC” means place 2 DC into the same stitch.

• Turning chain of Ch 1, Ch 2 and Ch 3 do NOT count as a stitch.

• Otherwise Ch 1 does count as a stitch.

• Total stitches are indicated between < >.

• Sample shown is XS/S on a 5’2” model with a 32” bust.


FOUNDATION CHAIN: Ch 68(86, 104).

ROW 1: TR into the 4th ch from the hook, TR in each ch until end, turn.
<65(83, 101)>

ROW 2: Ch 2, DC 2, *ch 1, sk 1 st, DC 2; rep from * until end, turn.
<65(83, 101)>

ROW 3: Ch 3, TR in 1st st, *3TR into ch-sp; rep from st until last ch-sp, TR in last st, turn.
<65(83, 101)>

ROW 4: Ch 2, DC, *ch 1, sk 1 st, DC; rep from * until end, turn.
<65(83, 101)>

ROW 5: Ch 3, TR in each st until end, turn.
<65(83, 101)>

Close up photo of an easy lace crochet stitch.

Repeat ROWS 2 – 5 until ROW 37(41, 45).

*You can add/remove rows to make your cardigan longer/shorter. Just make sure your last row is a repeat of ROW 5.

Fasten off.

Photo of the back panel of free crochet cardigan pattern made from three panels seamed together.

FRONT PANEL (make 2)

FOUNDATION CHAIN: Ch 32(44, 50)..

ROW 1: TR into the 4th ch from the hook, TR in each ch until end, turn.
<29(41, 47)>

ROW 2: Ch 2, DC 2, *ch 1, sk 1 st, DC 2; rep from * until end, turn.
<29(41, 47)>

ROW 3: Ch 3, TR in 1st st, *3TR into ch-sp; rep from st until last ch-sp, TR in last st, turn. <29(41, 47)>

ROW 4: Ch 2, DC, *ch 1, DC; rep from * until end, turn. <29(41, 47)>

ROW 5: Ch 3, TR in each st until end, turn.
<29(41, 47)>

Repeat ROWS 2 – 5 until ROW 37(41, 45).

*If you altered the number of rows for your back panel, make sure you have the same number of rows for your front panels as the back panel.

Fasten off.

Repeat for 2nd front panel.


With the wrong side facing you, sew the shoulder seam of front panels to the back panel. Make sure that the 3TR clusters are pointing towards the shoulder seam (e.g. the foundation chains will be at the bottom of the cardigan).

Tutorial photo of the shoulder seam of an easy crochet short sleeved cardigan pattern.

Lay the front panels on top of the back panel and sew down the sides of the cardigan, leaving a 24cm/9.5” gap at the top of the cardigan to create your armholes.

Tutorial photo of side seam for a free crochet cardigan pattern


With the right side facing you, insert your hook along the edge of the armhole, secure your yarn and pull up a loop.

ROUND 1: Ch 1, SC evenly along the edge of the armhole.
*Exact number of stitches depends on your tension. Too many stitches will cause the armhole to ruffle, too few stitches will cause the armhole to pucker.

Sl st into the 1st st to join.

Repeat ROUND 1 until ROUND 3. Fasten off.

Repeat steps for 2nd armhole.

Photo of the sleeve of a short sleeve crochet cardigan. The photo is focusing on the crochet stitch used.


Tutorial photo of a crochet cardigan neckline

With the right side facing you, insert hook into the corner of the right front panel if you’re a right handed crocheter or the corner of the left front panel is you’re a left handed crocheter.

SC crochet evenly along the neckline. When you reach the 2nd corner, fasten off.

Weave in all of your ends! Steam and block your cardigan.

Voilà you’ve finished your summer crochet cardigan.

Thanks again to Grace of For The Frills for sharing this free summer crochet cardigan pattern! Be sure to check out Grace’s blog for lots more free modern crochet patterns!

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