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Mini Snow Globe Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorial. How to upcycle empty jars into mini snow globes! Click to view the full tutorial.Before you pack up the mistletoe and put away the leftover ham, here’s one last way to add some (miniature) cheer to your Christmas tree.

-Small jar
-A small tree or other knick knack (this tree is from Michael’s)
-A couple tablespoons of salt
-6-8″ ribbon

This DIY Christmas ornament is an extension of the Winter Diorama Tutorial I posted last week. First, check out that post for all info about making your own mini snow globe.

Then…Find yourself a very small glass jar. I used an itsy-bitsy jam jar, like the kind you get when you order fancy room service from a hotel. A baby food jar could also work well. Whatever you use, make sure it’s not too heavy that it’ll snap a branch off your tree. Follow the Winter Diorama Tutorial to make it into a sweet little winter ‘scape.
2. Before adding the “snow,” cut 6-8″ inches of ribbon and hot glue it to the jar lid as shown.
3. Add a small bit of salt to your jar and then on the lid.
4. Donezo! Have yourself a Merry LITTLE Christmas!


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