Maternity Photos Are Here. Baby Is Not.


This little baby of ours was due a week ago. November 15th came and went. So did the 16th, 17th, 18th…you get the idea. First babies tend to stay in the oven a little longer though, so the midwives are not really surprised that she’s not here yet. And frankly, neither am I.

Mostly because I know this kid’s mother.

Regardless of how much advance planning or preparation I put into going anywhere, I always seems to leave (and arrive) a little late. Not atrociously late, just late enough that my entire journey to the destination is rife with stress and self-loathing.

So, when will my baby be born? Well, I’ve started to think I know what’s going on in that womb of mine. My DNA is negotiating with Mike’s about the journey ahead. If I know us (and the baby we made), the conversation is going something like this:

MIKE’S DNA: I really think we should get going. I heard traffic in the birth canal can be really bad in November.

JESS’ DNA: I checked Google maps a few days ago. Didn’t look bad.

MIKE’S DNA: Okay, but I just think we should probably hit the road soon. I don’t want to be late. Not to something so important.

JESS’ DNA: I’m not saying I want to be super late either, but nothing’s going to be happening out there mid-November. Really. I think we can show up a little late and it’ll be fine.

MIKE’S DNA: How late are you thinking? We’re already a week overdue and we haven’t even left yet.

JESS’ DNA: I know, Sweetie. I’m almost ready. I just need to finish making this smoothie. Oh, and I need to fill up my water bottle and pack a couple of snacks for the trip. Should only take a day or two.

…Long pause…

MIKE’S DNA: Fine. I’ll be waiting in the car.

So, while my DNA gets it’s act together, I thought I’d share some maternity pics our dear friend, McCall, of Lucky Malone Photography took of us. Once again she’s perfectly encapsulated a very special moment in our lives. We’re so lucky to have such a talented friend who also happens to be very good at making amniotic fluid jokes while she’s shooting (a quality we always look for in a photographer.)

Check out more of Lucky Malone’s photography here. (You’ll see she shoots a lot more than just round bellies and round pumpkins.)

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