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Video: Easy Asymmetrical Tunisian Crochet Shawl

Woman holding an asymmetrical Tunisian crochet shawl made with Lion Brand Hand-Dyed Heaven yarn. (Lady Marmalad)

Learn how to make an easy asymmetrical Tunisian crochet shawl in this brief video tutorial with written instructions. The very easy Tunisian Full Stitch guarantees you’ll find this a meditative and relaxing project!

Tunisian full stitch fabric with text that reads "easy Tunisian full stitch shawl pattern"
Thanks to Lion Brand Yarns for providing the yarn for this asymmetrical Tunisian crochet shawl video tutorial. This post contains affiliate links.

Tunisian crochet has a soothing rhythm all its own and the Full Stitch is possibly one of the most effortless I’ve tried. Grab a pretty skein of yarn and spend a few minutes learning how to crochet an asymmetrical Tunisian crochet shawl.

New to Tunisian crochet? Learn all the basics using a just standard crochet hook. START HERE!

Take a Crochet Brain Break

Once you learn the very basic pattern for increasing on one side of your shawl and decreasing on the other, you’re going to be able to complete your entire triangle shawl without any counting, tracking or general focused attention. Can I get a heck yeah?!

I find a mediative scarf like this to be such a nice project to have by my side in times of stress or just constant interruption (hello life at home with kids!) You can pick it up, put it down and pick it back up again without a second thought.

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What Yarn + Hook To Use For a Tunisian Full Stitch Scarf

One of the best aspects of crocheting simple asymmetrical shawl like this is that you can pretty much use any yarn you have on hand. A pretty hand-dyed yarn, a self-striping cake, lots of odds and ends in the same weight–anything will work.

Simply choose a hook size that’s large enough to create a soft, draping fabric. With Tunisian crochet, this generally means a hook size 2-3 times larger than what you might use for standard crochet.

You’ll notice in the tutorial that I’m using a standard crochet hook, which is a great option to practice with. Once you get a few inches of scarf completed though, you’ll want to switch to a Tunisian hook with a cable in order to accomodate the longer rows. Here are my favorite Tunisian crochet hooks with cables.

In this video tutorial, I’m using Lion Brand Feels Like Butta in the color Orange. This yarn is so smooth, soft and easy to work with!

Tunisian Asymmetrical Shawl Video Tutorial

Since I know we all digest information differently, I’ve put together a brief video tutorial so you can see the Tunisian Full Stitch in action. I also recommend referencing the notes and photos below as they expand on some logic behind what you’ll see in the video.

Correction: At the beginning of the video, I say to skip the first chain. This isn’t necessary. Instead just work into the two chains you created.

Tunisian Asymmetrical Shawl Notes + Photo Tutorial

Overall Notes:
• Row instructions are for the Forward Passes (FwP). 

• Follow the Foundation Row and each Forward Pass with a Return Pass (RetP) worked as follows: Ch 1, *yo, pull through two loops; rep from * until 1 loop remains on hook.

• Unlike typical Tunisian crochet patterns where the first stitch is worked into the second vertical bar, in this pattern the first stitch of each row is worked under first vertical bar of row below. This creates an increase. 

• It can be helpful to place a stitch marker in the ch 1 at the beginning of the return pass so it’s easier to see on the next forward pass.

• Scroll down for list of abbreviations (US terms).

Tutorial showing how to crochet the tunisian full stitch. This distills the skills in the accompanying Tunisian Crochet full stitch video tutorial.

How to Make an Asymmetrical Tunisian Crochet Shawl Written Instructions

Foundation Row: Ch 2. 

Row 1 (RS): Tss in each chain to end. (3)

Row 2: Working under first bar, Tss (inc made), Tfs between first and second vertical bars (inc made), Tfs in each sp between stitches to end of row, do not work under last bar of row (dec made). (4)

Row 3: Working under first bar, Tss (inc made), Tfs between first and second vertical bars (inc made), Tfs in each sp between stitches to end of row, do not work under last bar of row (dec made). (5)

Rep Row 3 until desired size is reached. Shawl will increase by 1 st per row.

Abbreviations (US terms):
– chain
FwdP – forward pass
PM – place marker
rep – repeat
RetP – return pass
sk – skip
slst – slip stitch
st(s) – stitch(es)
WS – wrong side
yo – yarn over

TfsTunisian Full Stitch – Insert hook into sp between second and third vertical bars, yo and pull through. Rep in each sp between sts. In this pattern, do not work end stitch.’

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