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How To Tunisian Crochet (With Video!)

Learn about the best Tunisian crochet hooks, how to do the tunisian crochet stitch and check out some great free pattern in this comprehensive beginner's guide.

Ready to dive into Tunisian crochet but not sure where to start? The video tutorial and resources below will answer all your questions and teach you how to Tunisian crochet step-by-step!

Tunisian crochet shawl next to a Tunisian crochet simple stitch swatch.
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Whether you’re a crocheter ready to level up your hookin’ skills, a knitter who wants to dabble in a knit-like hobby or a total newbie looking to dip your toe in the yarn-y waters, you’ll find everything you need to learn the basics of how to Tunisian crochet here!

How to Tunisian crochet beginner video tutorial

Think you need to buy a bunch of new hooks to learn how to Tunisian crochet? Nope! All you need to make your first Tunisian crochet swatch is a regular ol’ crochet hook and some yarn, plus this video tutorial below of course!

In this video, I walk you through why you’ll eventually want a longer crochet hook for making most Tunisian crochet patterns, the best type of hooks to buy, how to start Tunisian crochet, how to work the most common Tunisian crochet stitch (TSS) and how to finish Tunisian crochet.

Sounds like a lot, right? You’ll learn all that and more in this brief beginner Tunisian crochet video tutorial with right and left-handed versions.

Right-Handed Tutorial

Left-Handed Tutorial

Got some more burning Tunisian crochet questions? Read on for some Tunisian FAQs.

You can always find all our free Tunisian crochet patterns + tutorials here.

Is there more than one Tunisian crochet stitch?

Heck yes! Just like with typical crochet, there are almost endless ways to work Tunisian crochet stitches to create differently textured fabric. Would you believe it’s even possible to create Tunisian crochet lace?

The most common Tunisian crochet stitch is called Tunisian Simple Stitch (abbreviated TSS) and it’s what I teach in the video tutorial above. You can make so many wonderful things just with this one Tunisian crochet stitch.

But eventually, I know you’ll want to start experimenting, so then check out:


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A beautiful swatch of Tunisian Simple Stitch, which is a great Tunisian crochet stitch to learn first.

Can I just use a regular crochet hook?

For practicing a simple Tunisian swatch like in the video tutorial above, you can definitely use a regular crochet hook. Eventually though, if you find yourself “hooked” on Tunisian crochet, let’s talk about why you’ll want some longer hooks.

What are the best Tunisian crochet hooks?

If you’re like me, knowing that Tunisian requires a longer hook has possibly kept you from learning this fun crochet skill sooner. (I was intimidated for years by the long hooks!) Let me just tell you, there’s nothing to fear. If you’ve ever crocheted or knit, Tunisian is going to be a natural extension of your existing skills. 

And the reason I say if you’ve ever crocheted or knit is because Tunisian is sort of a hybrid of the two. Like typical crocheting, you’ll use one single hook instead of two needles. But like knitting, you’ll keep your stitches on the hook for part of the process. In my opinion, Tunisian is a super relaxing and smooth blend of the things I love most about both crochet and knitting.

Tunisian crochet stitch tutorial

Since the stitches stay on the hook for part of the process of Tunisian crochet, your hook needs to be able to accomodate however many stitches are in a row of your project.

You have probably seen long Tunisian crochet hooks and maybe even some crochet hooks with a removable cable before. Both of these styles are Tunisian hooks and both will work for a small to medium-sized project. If you just want to invest in one set of hooks though, my suggestion would be to purchase hooks with cables.

A long tunisian crochet hook (afghan crochet hook) alongside a tunisian crochet hook with a cable.

The benefits of Tunisian crochet hooks with cables

Tunisian crochet hooks with cables will fit any size project, which makes them more versatile than the long, straight style of hooks. The cabled hooks pictured here are made by Knitter Pride and I just love them! They’re smooth to crochet with, pretty to look at and pointy enough to work really well for Tunisian crochet.

Speaking of pointy, look for hooks with a fairly pointy head, like the pink hook pictured below. This will make working your Tunisian stitches much smoother and faster!

The best Tunisian crochet hooks are pointy so they can easily pick up the yarn.

How do I know what size hook to use?

One other thing to note about Tunisian crochet is that you’ll want to go up in hook size from what you might use for a typical crochet project. Tunisian fabric can be on the dense side, so in order to let the stitches flow easily and the fabric drape well, you’ll probably want to go up 2-3 hook sizes from what’s listed on your yarn label. 

So if you decide to buy a set of hooks, I suggest going with the set that has the largest sizes possible, because you won’t likely get a lot of use out of of the smaller hooks unless you like to crochet with dental floss. 😉

How to increase in Tunisian crochet

Increasing in Tunisian crochet is really quite simple and it is the perfect way to create triangle scarves, shawls and even more complex garment shaping. Watch my brief video tutorial on how to increase in Tunisian crochet here.

How do I change colors in Tunisian crochet?

I’ll be doing a simple video tutorial soon on the how to change colors in Tunisian, but in the meantime, you can learn a really cool and easy technique for making your crocheting look woven in this video tutorial. This simple trick of changing colors on every other row does not create extra ends to weave in and makes a gorgeous set of stripes on the backside.

Tunisian crochet shawl that looks woven but is actually made with TSS.

What are some good beginner Tunisian crochet patterns?

Tunisian crochet is sometimes referred to as “afghan crochet” because it’s so well-suited to cozy, comfy blankets. But there’s a lot more you can make than Tunisian crochet blankets. The best beginner Tunisian crochet pattern to start with in my opinion in my Tunisian Mitts. They’re so simple, I put the entire pattern in an Instagram post!

I have a few free Tunisian crochet patterns that I’ll be sharing over the coming months that only require beginner skills. Don’t miss those by making sure you’re subscribed to my emails and following along on Instagram here. Sign up below and I’ll send you a note when each pattern is published.


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My Brushland Tunisian Wrap pattern is a great next Tunisian crochet project because it will expand your skills with video tutorials to walk you through each step. (It’s a lot easier than it looks!) Find the free pattern here.

Woman wearing a Tunisian crochet shawl that's made with TSS in beautiful striped colors.

Speaking of blankets, 1DogWoof designed a gorgeously squishy Tunisian crochet blanket pattern that would be a perfect beginner project. My Poppet has a free Tunisian washcloth pattern that will scratch your instant-gratification itch. And TLYarnCrafts has a beautiful shawl pattern made with Tunisian Simple Stitch.

Okay! What other questions do you have about Tunisian crochet? Leave a comment below and I’ll try to cover it in an upcoming tutorial. Happy crocheting!


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  • Judy
    October 30, 2019 at 9:27 am

    I’m eager for the instructions to create that sample (blue, cream, and brown) brioche-effect piece you have in the photo above. I’m guessing you used a double-ended hook to achieve that lovely effect, and you’ll teach us all how to do it very soon!

  • Colleen
    October 30, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    Thankyou for all of this info. I have already purchased my hooks and I’m wondering, am I to go up a hook size even if the pattern is a Tunisian crochet pattern? Like, do I change from what is stated in the pattern ?

  • Yolanda
    October 31, 2019 at 6:32 am

    Excelente gracias por compartir me encanta este punto saludos desde Colombia

  • Theresa
    February 25, 2020 at 11:56 am

    Thank you for the clear instructions. I love Tunisian crochet but I don’t like the curling. Do you have any suggestions or secret to eliminate the curl? .


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