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Tunisian Crochet: How to Increase to Create a Triangle Scarf

Simple tunisian crochet triangle on a crochet hook

Watch the brief video tutorial below to learn how to increase in Tunisian crochet. (It’s easy!) This technique is perfect for making a Tunisian crochet shawl or triangle scarf.

Simple tunisian crochet triangle
Thanks to Lion Brand for supplying the yarn for this Tunisian crochet increasing tutorial. This post contains affiliate links.

If you’re totally new to Tunisian crochet, head to my How to Tunisian Crochet Crash Course for your full introduction. That free video tutorial covers everything you need to know to get started with Tunisian crochet and will give you the foundation for working increase stitches.

You can always find all our free Tunisian crochet patterns, tutorials and resources here.

How To Increase In Tunisian Crochet Video Tutorial

The concise video below walks you through a very simple technique for increasing in Tunisian crochet. This method can be used to increase at the edge of a project to create a triangle. You can also use it mid-row to add some extra stitches wherever you need them, like in the case of making sleeves.

More of a Photo Tutorial Learner?

Here’s how to work a simple increase in Tunisian crochet in photos:

Photos showing how to increase in Tunisian crochet to form a triangle

Put Those Tunisian Crochet Increasing Skills To Work!

Once you know how to increase in Tunisian crochet, you’re ready to make a simple triangle scarf, like my free Brushland Wrap pattern. This woven-looking, reversible wrap looks far more complex than it actually is! Get the free pattern and additional video tutorials here.

Woman holding modern Tunisian crochet shawl

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