Crochet South America Map Pillow – Free Pattern by PukaPuka

Crochet square pillow, on the front pillow square is a map outline of South America.

This entry-level intarsia crochet pillow pattern features a map of South America. Make it for the travel-lover in your life! Purchase the ad-free, printable PDF here or get the free pattern below.

This intarsia crochet pillow pattern is part of a collaboration with Lion Brand Yarns. This post contains affiliate links.

Welcome back to the Make & Do Crew guest designer series where talented designers from across the internet share their free patterns with you, right here on Make & Do Crew.

Today Maria from PukaPuka is back with her free crochet South America map pillow pattern, which is a follow up to her C2C crochet Africa blanket. You can see lots of of Maria’s crochet patterns her blog, PukaPuka, and on Etsy. And be sure to check her out on social media too: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Maria, take it away!

Why I Chose to Make a Crochet South America Pillow

As both crochet and geography lover I often design map patterns. (It’s probably not right to say I “design,” as the designs are already there!) You can read more about my story and love for crochet geography in my C2C Africa blanket post.

A mustard yellow crochet pillow of the map of South America, laying on a wood block with an atlas.

Following my Vintage Africa Map Blanket in the C2C crochet technique I thought I might propose something smaller. So if you’ve already tried that afghan, you might want a nice addition that makes a set! And if a blanket is too much for you, but you like the idea of crocheting maps – start with this little South America Map Pillow.

This pattern is even simpler not only because the pattern is so much smaller, but also uses only single crochet. Yes! Just single crochet. And some color changes, but just a few.

Photo of two crochet pillow squares. On the front pillow square is a map outline of South America.

The pattern consists of two squares. One has South America map on it and the other is plain. After finishing them, you just join them by single crocheting along the edges. And then they’re done!

Use Your Leftover Yarn

As for the yarn–more good news. To make the pillow I used the leftovers from Vintage Africa Map Blanket, which was made with Lion Brand Heartland. So if you’ve already purchased that yarn, just use what’s left.

Lion Brand Heartland Yarn in colorway Acadia

After making both designs you don’t have to worry what to do with small amounts of yarn, as won’t be much left. And this yarn is so soft and easy care. The colors are beautiful and in this pattern you will use just two of them: Yellowstone and Acadia.

Can I Make This Pattern as a Beginner?

The South America Map Pillow is crocheted entirely with single crochet stitch, so it’s really beginner friendly. It requires changing colors – which is briefly explained in the pattern itself and it’s not difficult at all.

Make both map designs and enjoy curling up under the C2C crochet Africa blanket with the South American pillow under your head, while reading a travel book or watching adventure movies!

A corner to corner crochet blanket pattern with the silhouette of Africa on it.

And remember: there are many more maps to crochet! Treat these as inspiration and make your own pillow, blanket, potholder, placemat, washcloth or anything you like with nature’s beautiful designs! The world atlas is a big book!

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Intarsia Crochet
South America Pillow
Free Pattern

Purchase the ad-free, printable PDF for the pillow here.

Purchase the ad-free, printable PDF for the blanket and pillow here.

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Explanation: This small map pillow allows you to sit comfortably while reading your favorite travel book or scrolling Instagram for travel pictures.

To crochet this pillow pattern, you just need to know how to single crochet. With a detailed written pattern and graph and the leftover yarn from making Vintage Africa Map Blanket, make it your weekend project!

Lion Brand Heartland (Weight: 4/medium – 251 yds, 5 oz)
Color A: Yellowstone (#136-158) – 1 ball (or what was left over from Vintage Africa Map Blanket)
Color B: Acadia (#136-098) – 1 ball (or what was left over from Vintage Africa Map Blanket)
Size H (5.00 mm) crochet hook
• Pillow insert 12”x12”
Free South America Map Pillow graph pattern (download HERE)

• 12” x 12”

• 7sc x 8 rows = 2” x 2”

Abbreviations and Glossary (US Terms):
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
sl st – slip stitch
RS – right side
WS – wrong side

Overall Pattern Notes:
• Pillow consists of two squares, one with map (according to graph) and one plain, both made using single crochet stitch throughout. The squares are then joined with single crochet stitches worked along the edges.

• Squares are worked in rows, each row counts 43 sc. Start a new row with ch1, that does not count as a st. Turn after each row.

• Changing colors: when next sc is marked as a different color on the graph or written pattern, make the last yo of current sc with new color and continue with new color, leaving previous color on the ws.

• Before you start, divide your supply of yarn A into two more or less equal balls. It will be easier to work with two separate balls when changing colors starts.

• When next sc is marked as a different color on the graph or written pattern, make the last yo of current sc with new color and continue with new color, leaving previous color on the ws.

• Use the intarsia technique: start a new ball of yarn for each new change of color. You can then pick up and drop the yarns as required, keeping all yarn ends on the ws. This way most of the time you will work with 3 balls: 2 color A, 1 color B.

• How to read the written pattern:
→ Row 34 [WS]: A14, B11, A10
– Arrow indicates direction of row.
– Letter indicates which color of yarn to use.
– Number indicates how many sc of each color to work. Therefore, for this example, you’ll work 14 sc in yarn A, 11 sc in yarn B and 10 sc in yarn A. Then turn your work, ch1 and proceed with Row 35.


Using yarn A, ch44.

Row 1 [RS]: Insert hook in 2nd ch from hook, A43

Row 2 [WS]: A43

Row 3 [RS]: repeat Row 2

Row 4 [WS]: A18, B2, A23

Row 5 [RS]: A23, B, A19

Row 6 [WS]: A17, B2, A24

Row 7 [RS]: A24, B2, A17

Row 8 [WS]: A17, B3, A23

Row 9 [RS]: A23, B3, A17

Row 10 [WS]: A17, B4, A22

Row 11 [RS]: A23, B4, A16

Row 12 [WS]: A17, B3, A23

Row 13 [RS]: A22, B4, A17

Row 14 [WS]: A17, B5, A21

Row 15 [RS]: A22, B4, A17

Row 16 [WS]: A17, B5, A21

Row 17 [RS]: A18, B8, A17

Row 18 [WS]: A17, B8, A18

Row 19 [RS]: A18, B7, A18

Row 20 [WS]: A18, B9, A16

Row 21 [RS]: A16, B9, A18

Row 22 [WS]: A18, B10, A15

Row 23 [RS]: A14, B11, A18

Row 24 [WS]: A18, B11, A14

Row 25 [RS]: A14, B11, A18

Row 26 [WS]: A18, B12, A13

Row 27 [RS]: A11, B13, A19

Row 28 [WS]: A19, B14, A10

Row 29 [RS]: A10, B14, A19

Row 30 [WS]: A18, B15, A10

Row 31 [RS]: A9, B18, A16

Row 32 [WS]: A16, B18, A9

Row 33 [RS]: A9, B19, A15

Row 34 [WS]: A15, B20, A8

Row 35 [RS]: A8, B21, A14

Row 36 [WS]: A14, B22, A7

Row 37 [RS]: A9, B21, A13

Row 38 [WS]: A14, B19, A10

Row 39 [RS]: A13, B16, A14

Row 40 [WS]: A14, B14, A15

Row 41 [RS]: A15, B13, A15

Row 42 [WS]: A15, B12, A16

Row 43 [RS]: A18, B10, A15

Row 44 [WS]: A15, B9, A19

Row 45 [RS]: A21, B6, A16

Row 46 [WS]: A17, B, A25

Row 47 [RS]: A43

Row 48-49: Repeat Row 47

Next: Fasten off. Weave in ends.


Using yarn B, ch44.

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc across, turn. 43 sc.

Row 2: Ch1, sc across, turn. 43 sc.

Rows 3 – 36: As row 2.

Fasten off.


Align two squares WS together, Front square (with map) facing. Join yarn B to the top right corner, ch1 (does not count as a st), working along the top row of BOTH squares, 1sc in each sc, 3sc in the corner. Continue along side edge working sc in each row end, 3sc in the corner, continue along the foundation chain, 1sc in each ch.

Now the three sides of the pillow cover are joined together. Insert pillow and continue joining the fourth side as follows: 3sc in the corner, continue along the 2nd side edge working sc in each row end, sl st into first sc of round. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Thanks again to Maria of PukaPuka for sharing this free crochet Africa map blanket pattern! Be sure to check out Maria’s blog for lots more free modern crochet patterns!

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