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C2C Crochet Monstera Leaf Blanket – free pattern

A tropical, monstera plant next to a monstera minimalist crochet blanket pattern made with the diagonal box stitch (C2C).

Whether you crochet this C2C crochet monstera leaf blanket for a nursery or your living room, the iconic tropical leaves will lend a fresh, modern vibe. Get the free graph pattern below or purchase the ad-free, printable PDF with line-by-line C2C instructions here.

A monstera leaf corner to corner crochet blanket draped over a modern chair in a sunroom.
This free C2C monstera leaf crochet pattern is part of a collaboration with Lion Brand Yarns. This post contains affiliate links.

This tropical crochet blanket is simple in its monochromatic color scheme, but packs a stylish punch for your home decor. The size is just right to snuggle under, drape over the couch or have story time on the floor. Read on for all the yarn and pattern details or scroll down for the free C2C graph pattern.

New to C2C crochet? Learn all the basics here ⇨

The Swiss Cheese Plant in Crochet Form

About ten years ago, my husband and I lived in a rental where all the windows in the house were sealed shut. It was a big historic house in Richmond, VA and not a whisper of breeze could make its way through. My husband suggested we buy a few house plants to freshen the air a bit since we weren’t able to actually bring much new air inside. Little did he know he was laying the foundation for an obsession…

Sadly I haven’t turned into one of those people who knows the name of every plant or how much light each should have. But I have become a woman with a credit card who really likes to buy foliage. Ha. I have dozens and dozens of houseplants now, including two monstera plants.

A neutral crochet afghan featuring a simple monstera leaf plant worked in the corner to corner crochet box stitch.

A Tropical Crochet Baby Blanket

Monsteras are sometimes referred to as “Swiss cheese” plants because of the holes in their leaves. I’ve wanted to design a crochet monstera pattern ever since I was brainstorming patterns for my C2C crochet book, but I could never get the scale quite right in a graph.

My plant-lovin’ sister is having a baby soon and I was inspired to try a corner to corner crochet monstera pattern one last time because I knew she’d love to have a leafy baby blanket. This time, I actually photographed leaves of my monstera plant and a few faux leaves we had laying around and I used those photos as the foundation of my graph illustration. The design finally clicked!

Then my mom did such a beautiful job putting her skilled hands to work crocheting this C2C blanket. We were able to gift it to my sister at a little family socially-distanced baby shower we threw her a few weeks ago.

A grid of photos of a baby rolling on a modern, monochromatic corner to corner crochet blanket featuring the beautiful "swiss cheese" monstera leaves.

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Or an On-Trend Throw Blanket

Monstera plants have definitely been having a moment for the last few years. They’re on shower curtains, wall art, blouses, bed spreads, you name it. I originally thought we’d crochet this monstera blanket using green and ecru, but then opted for a more neutral color scheme at the last minute. I think the taupe ads a nice sophistication that makes this blanket at home in a living room or tossed over a chair in a sunroom.

Do This to Make The Pattern Easier + Faster

If you’ve tried corner to corner crochet before, you might know how helpful it is to have written instructions to accompany the graph pattern. While the line-by-line instructions aren’t necessary, they do make getting into the flow of a C2C pattern much easier (and faster!)

I’ve put together the written instructions to accompany the graph and included them in the ad-free, printable PDF. If your budget is tight, you can completely crochet a beautiful blanket using the free pattern. If you have a few dollars to spare though, this is one of those patterns I really think you’ll get a ton of value from upgrading to the printable PDF.

You can purchase the PDF on LoveCrafts here and on Etsy here.

My Go To C2C Crochet Yarn

I’ve been really liking Lion Brand Basic Stitch yarn for corner to corner crochet blankets because it’s worsted weight and comes in a wide range of colors. And, perhaps most impressively, the ecru color is part of a specific line of Basic Stitch yarn that’s anti-pilling. This quality is pretty darn awesome to have in a blanket you’d like to use for a long time.

I did an experiment on a swatch a when I was designing the Revival Cardigan to test how pill-resistant Basic Stitch actually was. After five trips through the washer and dryer on high/hot settings, the swatch was impressively fresh-looking. It did have a bit of a “wilted” effect, but I think that’s more because I dried it on hot than anything to do with the actual washing part. (TIP: Don’t dry your yarn on high heat. Like, ever!)

Lion Brand put together a kit that includes all the yarn you’ll need to crochet your monstera blanket as well as a printable PDF of the pattern, including the written graph instructions. If you’re in need of a little self-care package to arrive in the mail, this could be the perfect gift to yourself. Shop the kit here.

Get a kit! Purchase a yarn + pattern kit ⇨

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C2C Crochet Monstera Blanket
Free Pattern

Purchase the ad-free, printable PDF with written C2C graph instructions on LoveCrafts here and on Etsy here.

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You don’t need a green thumb to whip up this tropical corner to corner throw! Whether you crochet it for a baby’s nursery or your living room, the iconic monstera leaves will lend a fresh, modern style. Because this pattern is worked in only two colors, it’s a perfect project for less experienced C2C crocheters. You’ll find lots of tutorial support linked below. 

Purchase a kit with all the yarn you’ll need + a PDF of the pattern here.
• MC: Lion Brand Basic Stitch Anti Pilling (Weight: 4/medium –  170 yds, 3.5 oz
Ecru (#202-098) –  8 skeins [approx. 730 g]

• AC: Lion Brand Basic Stitch Premium (Weight: 4/medium –  219 yds, 3.5 oz)
Goldmine (#201-126) – 4 skeins [approx. 300 g]

• Tapestry needle

Size J (6.00 mm) crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge

Printed copy of free graph pattern (download here)

45 x 45”


6 tiles = 4”

Each tile = approx. .8”

Abbreviations and Glossary (US Terms):
AC – accent color
ch – chain
ch2sp – space created by 2 chains
slst – slip stitch
dc – double crochet
MC – main color
sp – space
– stitch(es)
rep – repeat
RS – right side
rsc – reverse single crochet
WS – wrong side

Want some company while you crochet?
Get support (and camaraderie!) in the Make & Do Crochet Crew Facebook Group here.

Permissions + Copyright:
Please do not publish or share this pattern as your own. You may make items to sell with this pattern. In exchange, please link back this post. Do NOT use my photos as your own sales photos.

Additional Corner-to-Corner Crochet Resources:
Help with learning corner to corner crochet basics can be found here:

ALL THE BASICS: Intro to C2C and the skills you need to get started.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to increase and decrease to create a rectangle.

PHOTO TUTORIAL: How to change colors in C2C crochet.


• Pattern is worked using the diagonal box stitch (c2c) in double crochet stitches. The borders are added once the blanket is complete. 

• Each pixel in the graph corresponds with one tile in your afghan. A tile = 3 ch (the tch) + 3 dc

To make blanket, use double crochet C2C stitches to follow along with the free graph pattern (download here). If you’re new to reading graphs, view a tutorial here.

You may find it faster and easier to avoid mistakes if you work predominantly from the written instructions in the printable PDF. You can purchase it here on LoveCrafts or here on Etsy if you’re interested.


• Borders are worked in the round with RS of blanket facing throughout.

Using MC yarn already attached:

Border Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as sc and 2 ch), sk first tile, sc in sp between next 2 tiles, *ch 2, sk tile, sc in sp between tiles; rep from * around blanket. Place [sc, ch 1, sc] in each corner. Sl st to first ch from beginning of round to join.

Border Round 2: Ch 1, rsc around blanket placing 1 rsc in each sc and 2 rsc in each ch2sp, slst to first st of round to join. Fasten off and weave in end.

Snuggle in, proud of the fact that your plant lover status has reached a whole new level.

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