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The Year’s Most Popular Free Crochet Patterns From Crochet Blogs

The Dwell Sweater by Make and Do Crew is part of a collection of the most popular free crochet patterns from Crochet Blogs.

You’re sure to find your next project in this collection of the most popular free crochet patterns from some of my favorite crochet blogs and designers!

You're sure to find your next project in this collection of the most popular free crochet patterns from some of my favorite crochet blogs and designers! Sweaters, afghans, amigurumi toys and more!THE DWELL SWEATER IS PART OF AN ONGOING COLLABORATION WITH MY FRIENDS AT LION BRAND YARN. THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS.

The internet seems to be awash in free crochet patterns these days (you can find ALL of mine here!), so when my friend Kali from suggested several of us crochet bloggers contribute our most popular pattern of 2017 to a specially curated collection, I loved the idea! Sometimes just knowing that a pattern from a crochet blog has been adored by thousands of other crocheters before you is enough insurance that you’ll love making it too.

And what I personally like about this list of the most popular free patterns of 2017 is that many of them are representative of what each crochet blogger does best. Crochet amigurumi, garments, toys and blankets, this list has it all. So if you see something you like here, be sure to poke around the crochet blogs these patterns can be found on for even more inspiration. Each of these free crochet patterns is just the beginning of these designers’ talent!

The Year’s Most Popular Free Patterns from Crochet Blogs

1. My most popular free crochet pattern of the year was The Dwell Sweater, which is a beginner friendly cardigan made from a simple rectangle. You can follow along with the complete step-by-step video tutorial for this basic, drapey crochet sweater here. And I’d love for you to join in our our Make & Do Crew crochet chatter and inspiration here on Instagram.

Creatively constructed from a simple rectangle, this flattering chunky crochet sweater comes together easily with zero shaping, increasing or decreasing. Free pattern from Make & Do Crew featuring Lion Brand Wool-Ease Tonal yarn.
2. The Friendly Red Fox‘s top free crochet pattern is this Friendly Mermaid! This is a great free pattern for someone who wants to try a doll because it is very beginner friendly. Make sure you join The Friendly Crochet Club if you want more of The Friendly Red Fox’s adorable free amigurimi doll patterns.

3. Maria’s Blue Crayon made this adorable Woodland Granny Square Afghan and it is no surprise that it came in first. Wouldn’t this be a cute crochet addition in a nature-themed nursery? Follow her on Facebook here.

4. Left in Knots came up with this brilliant idea for Crochet Water Balloons! I can’t wait to try these with my kiddos this summer. Follow her on  Facebook for more fun!

5. Little Monkey’s Crochet has this classic gender-neutral Henry’s Baby Blanket as her top free crochet pattern of the year! She has so many other cute designs, too. Make sure to follow her over on Facebook!

6. One Dog Woof has this soft and squishy amigurumi Classic Stuffed Bunny as her most popular free crochet pattern. So easy to see why! Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her projects!

7. Persia Lou crafts all the things but has some really cute and modern crochet patterns as well. These quick pom pom slippers were her top post this year. You can follow along with her on Pinterest for lots more DIY inspiration.

8. Whistle and Ivy‘s top post is this very versatile, knit-looking Crochet Snowfall hat! I have seen A LOT of these getting whipped up in the crochet Facebook groups I am in! Be sure to join Whistle and Ivy’s group here. It’s one of my favorite Facebook groups to chat crochet in.

9. All About Ami made these adorable Snuggle Bunny Pillows and it is no surprise that is her top free crochet pattern of the year! She also includes instructions on how to customize the cute little bunny face. Make sure you follow along on Instagram.

10. Two of Wands shared this perfectly understated French Crochet Market Tote pattern this year and I’m not surprised everyone loved it. Wouldn’t these make great gifts to keep on hand year round? You can follow along with Two of Wands on Instagram here.
This crochet market tote bag is a free pattern from Two of Wands. Love this modern cotton crochet bag!

11. Grey cardigans must have been a popular theme this year because Sewrella‘s most popular free crochet pattern was this Everyday Cardigan. This is a great staple piece made with one of my favorite new yarns–Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca. Follow Sewrella on Pinterest here.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of free crochet patterns from some of my favorite crochet blogs. If you’re still in the mood for more inspo, here are four free crochet patterns and tutorials that Make & Do Crew readers have loved the most:
1. Cabin Boots – free crochet pattern and video tutorial using flip flops
2. The Dwell Sweater – free easy crochet sweater pattern and video tutorial
3. The Desert Winds Triangle Scarf – free one-skein crochet pattern
4. Morning Mittens – free crochet pattern that looks knit
The most popular free crochet patterns from the crochet blog, (Designer: Jess Coppom)


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  • Erin Stratton
    December 31, 2017 at 5:56 am

    I am going to disagree by saying on EVERY SINGLE FB group I am apart of this year the Campfire Cardigan blew away anything else or any other pattern of yours I have seen. I even made multiple for Christmas. Idk what kind of metrics were used to find these but that cardigan was posted so frequently it is unreal lol! I have a dwell sweater in the works but I haven’t even finished that one.

    • Jess @ Make and Do Crew
      January 6, 2018 at 9:02 pm

      Haha, thanks Erin. I think your measurement totally counts! I was judging it simply by how many views each pattern got, but I agree that the Campfire Cardigan sure got made a lot of times. I’m glad to hear you got some use out of that pattern for Christmas!



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