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Modern C2C Crochet Blanket – Free Pattern by Fly the Distance Co.

This modern c2c crochet blanket pattern will be right at home in your minimalist decor. Find the free corner to corner crochet graph pattern below or purchase the PDF with line-by-line instructions here.

A modern c2c crochet blanket laying on a wood floor. The blanket has stylish pattern of arrows.
Thanks to Lion Brand Yarns for providing yarn for this modern c2c crochet blanket pattern. This post contains affiliate links.

Welcome back to the Make & Do Crew guest designer series where talented designers from across the internet share their free patterns with you, right here on Make & Do Crew.

Today Jessie from Fly The Distance Co. is back with her free modern c2c crochet afghan pattern! You can see lots of of Jessie’s crochet patterns her blog, Fly The Distance Co. And be sure to check her out on social media too: Instagram and Pinterest. Jessie, take it away!

A woman in a field holding up a corner to corner crochet blanket with arrows on it.

Why I Chose to Make a C2C Crochet Blanket

Hi there! I’m Jessie, designer and creator behind Fly the Distance Co., guest posting here on Make and Do Crew! Nature inspired and geometric designs for the home–with a little Scandinavian and boho flare–typically find their way off my hook.

Last year I shared a different modern, geometric, corner to corner pattern set called ‘X Marks the Spot’ (pictured below). Because it was such a hit with the crew, I decided another geometric styled corner to corner crochet design would be a great follow up! And that is what I will be sharing with you all in this two-part post.

Navy blue and white crochet pillow and blanket displayed on hardwood floor. Free corner to corner crochet blanket and throw pillow pattern.

The Muddy Pines Corner to Corner Crochet Lapgan is Part One, and is reminiscent of the pine trees in their chevron, geometric outline, and the lined pattern found in that mud pattern style. This modern c2c crochet blanket is trendy and can fit well in a multitude of décor styles! You can find the free c2c crochet pillow pattern in Part 2 here.

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A modern c2c crochet blanket with Lion Brand Color Made Easy yarn on top of it.

A Chunky Yarn With Lots of Color Options

The Finding Home blanket is made with Color Made Easy by Lion Brand. This bulky #5 yarn allows for a quicker work up for the size and gives the finished blanket a chunky and weighted feel.

There are quite a few colors to choose from in this line so customizing this blanket to suit your décor should be quite easy! Choosing two colors in stark contrast really made the design pop. The slightly off-white color Birch made for a great base, but I absolutely love the Smokey Quartz color, a dark gray with olive green undertones.

Can a Beginner Make This Blanket?

With only a few color changes in this design, it is beginner-friendly! If you wanted to try your hand at corner to corner, this will help you work on the technique of color changing, without too much of a challenge. On the decrease of the blanket, the chevrons work perfectly with the diagonal working of the c2c tiles, and allows for fewer color changes as well!

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Because only small bobbins of yarn are needed for the chevron element, you might find using clothespins an easy choice to keep your yarn lines organized. It’s just one organizational option (my favorite!) but there are others! Here are some ways Make & Do Crew recommends organizing yarn during c2c crochet projects.

A corner to corner crochet afghan that is folded up inside a c2c crochet pillow cover.

Blanket + Storage in One

The free pattern with downloadable graph below is yet another blanket. I know. Eventually we all get to a point of maximum overload . . . when we have met the full capacity of crochet blanket storage.

Trying to solve this issue, I designed this modern c2cc crochet blanket and pillow as a pair. The throw pillow in part two allows you the option of creating a removable cover that is small enough to act as an accent pillow, and large enough to store your lapgan! Simply fold it up into the pillow cover when not in use and it is perfect for storage, décor and accessibility.

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A grid of photos that shows a modern c2c crochet blanket and pillow that are a matching set.

Corner to Corner Crochet Tutorials

This corner to corner design uses a ch3+3dc tile. For tutorials on how to corner to corner crochet as well as some tips and tricks, check out the great video and blog post here on Make and Do Crew!

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A grid of photos showing modern free corner to corner crochet patterns including c2c blankets, pillows, scarves and sweaters.

Muddy Pines C2C Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

Purchase the PDF with line-by-line written instructions here or the blanket and pillow set PDF here.

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Explanation: This chunky corner to corner blanket is perfectly weighted for cool, cozy nights! Its modern, geometric design is trendy enough to fit into any décor, while still offering opportunity for self-expression of style! Bulky yarn, and few colors changes, make this project quick to work up. It’s perfect for c2c beginners or experienced stitchers looking to stitch while settling down and enjoying a favorite show!

Lion Brand Color Made Easy (Weight: 5/bulky – 247 Yds, 7 oz)
Birch (#195-100) – 4 balls
Smoky Quartz (#195-151) – 2 balls
U.S K (6.5 mm) crochet hook
• Yarn needle
Stitch markers
• Optional organizational supplies – clipboard, highlighter and c2c yarn holder

Download the free c2c graph pattern here

Get the coordinating free c2c pillow pattern here

• 40″ x 50″

• 4” x 4” = 4 x 4 c2c tiles

Abbreviations and Glossary (US Terms):
dc – double crochet
c2c – corner to corner
ch – chain
RS – right side
WS – wrong side

Overall Pattern Notes:
• Staying on gauge is not necessary to create the blanket itself. However, if you would like to create a removable pillow cover to fold this blanket up into for storage (found in Part Two) then staying on gauge is recommended to ensure it will fit!


Follow along with the free graph (download here) to complete the pattern. It is helpful to print the pattern and use a pencil and a ruler to diagonally cross off each row as you complete it. Flip your piece at the start of each new row.

Each square on the graph is equal to one c2c crochet tile. Refer to the legend on the graph for colors changes in the pattern.

Remember, separating your skeins of yarn into smaller bobbins at the beginning of the section you are working on will help you later on!

Finish by weaving in those annoying ends and adding your finishing touches!

Thanks again to Jessie from Fly The Distance Co. for sharing this free C2C crochet blanket pattern! Be sure to check out Jessie’s blog for lots more free modern crochet patterns!

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