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Idlewild Free Crochet Dress Pattern With Video Tutorial

This mommy and me crochet dress pattern is perfect for family photos and holidays. Free pattern + video tutorial.

With multiple pattern combinations, you’ll choose your own crochet adventure with this free crochet dress pattern and video tutorial in women’s sizes S-5X and children’s sizes 2-16.

Free crochet dress pattern with ladies + kids sizes (including plus sizes). Follow the step-by-step video tutorial to make this fun crochet lace dress pattern.
This {KEYWORD} crochet pattern is part of a collaboration with Lion Brand Yarns. This post contains affiliate links.

Welcome to the main hub of the Idlewild crochet dress pattern. With over 12 pattern combinations, you can customize the bodice length, the skirt length and the sleeve style of this crochet dress pattern. Make a dress, tunic or peplum top that you can layer and dress up or down year round. Keep reading for the links to each stage of the free pattern.

This mommy and me free crochet dress pattern includes women's and girl's sizes. Follow the video tutorial to learn how to crochet a dress you'll love!

Crochet Along Essential Details

The crochet along is divided into four stages. The free pattern will be released each Friday morning Sept 13-Oct 4, 2019. Check this page to find each new pattern stage (below).

If you don’t want to wait, the pattern is available immediatly in it’s entirety when you purchase the ad-free, printable PDF.

Below you’ll find links to everything you need to complete this crochet dress pattern including each stage of the women’s and children’s patterns, the accompanying video tutorials and supply lists.

Have some crochet along questions or want more details about the crochet dress pattern itself? Check out the Idlewild Dress FAQs here!

This ladies crochet dress pattern makes a perfect sundress with simple-to-work lace and delicate cap sleeves. Includes video tutorial.

All the Important Links for the Idlewild Crochet Dress Pattern

Printable PDFS:

• Purchase the Idlewild Dress PDF: Women’s + Children’s Sizes (best deal!)
• Purchase the complete Idlewild Dress PDF: Women’s Sizes
• Purchase the complete Idlewild Dress PDF: Children’s Sizes

Free Pattern + Video Tutorials:

Click the highlighted links below to be taken to the pattern portion + video tutorial.

• Part 1: Working the bodice front
• Part 2: Working the bodice back + minimal seaming
• Part 3: Working the skirt
• Part 4: Adding sleeves + finishing: First Video (A), Second Video (B)

• Part 1: Working the bodice front
• Part 2: Working the bodice back + minimal seaming
• Part 3: Working the skirt
• Part 4: Adding sleeves + finishing: First Video (A), Second Video (B)


See pattern PDF or Part 1 of free pattern for specific yarn amounts per size.
Lion Brand Beautiful You (Weight: 2/fine – 326 yds, 3.5 oz)
Colors pictured:
– Rooibos Tea (#165-138) (adult dress)
– Arrowood (#165-194) (child peplum top)
– Aquatic (#165-105) (child dress)

Purchase a kit with all the yarn you’ll need to crochet your dress, plus a printed copy of the pattern PDF. ⇨

Size G (4.25mm) crochet hook
• Tapestry needle
• Stitch markers or safety pins
• An iron with steam setting or handheld steamer for blocking
T-pins or rustproof straight sewing pins for blocking

Free crochet ladies dress pattern featuring Lion Brand Beautiful You yarn. (Includes a child's crochet dress pattern too.)

Avoid the Ads + Print the Pattern

If you’d like to have access to the entire crochet dress pattern immediately instead of waiting for the CAL stages to be released, you can upgrade to the the ad-free, printable PDF version of the pattern right this very minute.

When you purchase the PDF, you’ll also receive ALL the extra helpful resources we’ve created so you can knock this dress out of the park. The PDF includes additional measurements, stitch charts and photo tutorials not included in the free pattern. Plus, printing the PDF makes couch crocheting much easier. 🙂 Click here to purchase the pattern PDF.

Free crochet peplum top pattern with lace details. Includes video tutorial and women's and kids sizes.

How to Customize Your Dress

You get to play the designer a little bit in this pattern. But don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work of figuring out the details. You’ll just be choosing the fun stuff, like the length, the sleeve style and if you’d prefer to make a peplum-style top instead.

Read more about the customization options in the Idlewild Dress FAQs here. Each stage of the pattern and the video tutorial that goes with it also includes details on modifying your dress.

This free crochet dress pattern for ladies and children is easy to customize. Follow the video tutorial for step-by-step visual instructions.

Need help with your crochet dress?

If you have a pattern question or just need some extra encouragement, please join the Make & Do Crew Facebook group where there are several thousand other kind crocheters supporting each other.

If Facebook groups aren’t your thing, feel free to leave a comment on this blog post and I’ll answer it as quickly as I’m able.

Show off your stitches!

I personally LOVE seeing your crochet dress take shape and I know others participating in the crochet along do too. Share your photos on Instagram using #IdlewildDress and #MakeAndDoCrew (and be sure to tag me @MakeAndDoCrew) for a chance to be featured.

This kids crochet tank top pattern is easy to make into a dress too. Follow the free pattern and video tutorial to learn how!

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  • Linda Howard
    September 21, 2019 at 1:42 am

    I have made things with the corner 2 corner and designed an afghan for my grandson. I really like it, but I have a problem with it that can’t seem to find anyone to help me fix. I’m writing to you because I saw your book on Amazon and am hoping you can help me fix the problem. The design is made up of large squares that I did design myself and I really don’t want to have to remake it completely, which I would have to do if I can’t repair it. Please if you would be interested in helping me, email me at the address below. I know you are probably very business, but I really am desperate.

    • Jess @ Make and Do Crew
      October 3, 2019 at 3:17 pm

      Hey Linda,

      Feel free to send me an email and I will help if I can. 🙂

      Jess (at) makeanddocrew (dot) com


  • Mandy
    September 29, 2019 at 5:42 pm

    I am trying to determine the size pattern to follow. The sample states it is pictured on a model with a 38″bust. So which size was used? Medium is for 36.5 and large is for 41 inch bust. I have a 37 inch bust but I dont want the dress to fit too tight. Do you have sizing advice for me please.

    • Jess @ Make and Do Crew
      October 3, 2019 at 3:17 pm

      I’m so sorry, I realized I left out the sizing in that sentence which is the most important detail! The adult dress pictured is a size M. 🙂

      I think with a 37″ bust, your dress will fit about like the picture if you make a M.


  • Sue fogl
    October 1, 2019 at 6:09 am

    Hi, I have requested to be a part of the Facebook group because I have question regarding the idlewild dress. But their has been no acceptance or even a response I will get back to you. Meanwhile, I am getting ready to seam the front and back of my bodice. I need help with a few things before I continue on with the last part before I go ahead to stArting my skirt.



    • Jess @ Make and Do Crew
      October 3, 2019 at 3:16 pm

      I’m sorry you’ve been waiting, Sue. We’ll check and make sure you get approved shortly.


  • Beth A McMichen
    February 8, 2020 at 8:59 am

    I just did my gauge swatch for the idlewild child’s pattern. I used a g hook. I have always struggled with understanding the gauge swatch. so, please correct me if I am wrong. The swatch should have 19 stitches across 4 inches and also 14 rows down 4 inches? If that is so, what do I need to do when my swatch has 18 stitches across 4 inches and 12 rows down 4 inches. I used a g hook. I hope to hear from you soon and am hoping this will help my understanding about gauge. I plan to get this little dress done for my granddaughter for Easter!


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