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Rising Tide – Easy Crochet Shawl Video Tutorial

This easy asymmetrical crochet shawl pattern is made from simple puff stitches and lace. Featuring Lion Brand Ice Cream and Mandala yarn.

In this step-by-step crochet shawl video tutorial, we’ll learn how to make a simple asymmetrical puff stitch scarf from the free Rising Tide Shawl pattern.

This crochet shawl video tutorial and free pattern will teach you how to make an easy asymmetrical triangle scarf you can enjoy at the beach, a wedding or even in the winter. Featuring Lion Brand Mandala and Ice Cream yarn.

This crochet shawl video tutorial is part of a collaboration with my friends at Lion Brand Yarn. This post contains affiliate links.

Last week I shared the free Rising Tide Shawl pattern and today I’m excited to show you exactly how make this easy project step-by-step. Don’t be intimidated by the asymmetrical lacy look of this shawl–it’s the perfect almost-mindless project to toss in your bag for doctor’s appointments, kids carpools and lunch breaks.

Because it’s made from two skeins of affordable yarn from Lion Brand (Mandala Baby and Ice Cream), this quick project makes a perfect inexpensive gift idea.

Who Is This Crochet Shawl Video Tutorial For?

I think the Rising Tide Shawl is a particularly good pattern for less-experienced pattern readers to practice alongside because it’s fairly short and concise. Part of learning to read patterns is just figuring out how all the sometimes complicated-sounding crochet lingo actually translates to the simple crochet skills you might already know. With that in mind, I recorded this video tutorial to try to best explain both the written pattern as well as the simple repeats that result from it.

This crochet shawl video tutorial is perfect for:

• Confident beginner crocheters who want to make a scarf that looks way more complicated than it is.

• Visual and auditory learners who like to see and hear things explained.

• Anyone who thinks a puff stitch is scary and complicated. (Which was about 18 months ago! 🙂 )

Rising Tide Crochet Shawl Video Tutorial

Links Referenced In the Video Tutorial:

Free Pattern: Rising Tide Shawl

Ad-Free, Printable Pattern PDF with Stitch Chart

Lion Brand Mandala Baby (color: Wishing Well)
Lion Brand Ice Cream Sprinkles (color: Cool Mint)
– Alternative colorways mentioned in the video: Mandala Harpy and Ice Cream Vanilla Bean

Video Tutorial: How to Design Your Own Gradients with Lion Brand Mandala Yarn

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