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Cozy Crochet Shawl – Free Pattern by Stitch and Hustle

Free crochet shawl pattern using chunky yarn (Lion Brand Color Made Easy).

Think of this cozy crochet shawl like a fashionable blanket you can wrap up with in public! Get the free pattern below.

Chunky crochet triangle shawl free pattern
Thanks to Lion Brand Yarns for providing the yarn for this free crochet triangle shawl pattern. This post contains affiliate links.

Welcome back to the Make & Do Crew guest designer series. While I’m getting to know the newest baby in our family, Michele from Stitch And Hustle is sharing her free crochet triangle shawl pattern with us today! You can see lots of of Michele’s crochet patterns her blog, Stitch And Hustle. And be sure to check her out on social media too: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Michele, take it away!

Free crochet pattern for a chunky triangle shawl.

The Inspiration For My Crochet Triangle Shawl

I was so excited when Jess invited me to do a guest pattern on the blog. We immediately agreed it would be a crochet version of my recently released and super popular Burlington Knit Ruana.

I made just a few tweaks and changes in the design so that it can double as a supersized wrap as well. You know – one of those amazing “all you need in one” accessories for cold weather that works up super fast too!

Skills Needed To Crochet This Cozy Wrap

This is a great pattern for advanced beginners who want to try to expand their stitch arsenal. I used a quadruple treble – WOW that is a mouthful. It is a very cool twist on the treble crochet that adds length to the stitch.

Crochet triangle shawl free pattern using Lion Brand Color Made Easy yarn.

In designing this wrap, I wanted it to be more than a standard sized wrap but went for that cozy oversized blanket feel. I also didn’t add the fringe as I did on the Burlington Knit version, this is a great wrap or shawl for colder days. I snuggled up with it already on one cool evening.

Cozy Yarn for a Cozy Crochet Swawl

I used Lion Brand Color Made Easy for this, just as I used in the Burlington Knit Ruana. I changed up the colors a bit so this is a sister design but not a twin. This yarn is great because it is a category 5 (which is hard enough to find) but works up like a charm without too much bulk.

Lion Brand Color Made Easy yarn
Free crochet shawl pattern using chunky yarn (Lion Brand Color Made Easy).

More Free Crochet Shawl Patterns

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Free crochet patterns for shawls, including 4 triangle shawls and wraps.

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Bedford Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Pin this pattern for later here.

The Bedford Ruana is more than your every day Ruana – it is a piece of cozy like a blanket you can wear in public. The best part – it looks great on both sides! If you are an adventurous beginner or an experienced crocheter you will love this pattern. The Bedford Ruana uses fun stitches and creates a fabulous drape and texture.

Crochet triangle shawl free pattern

Lion Brand Color Made Easy (weight: 5/bulky – 247 yards, 7 oz)
Color A: Shade (#195-149) – 4 balls
Color B: Basalt (#195-150) – 1 ball
Color C: Coal (#195-152) – 1 ball
Size L (8 mm) crochet hook
Tapestry needle

• Finished Measurements:
– Width across top edge: 76”
– Approx Triangle: 76” x 60” x 60”
– Depth in center: 42” Approx

•  4” sq = 8 stitches x 6 rows in rows 2, 3 alternating. Ch 1 at start of each row is NOT a st. Just a turning chain. You will be increasing by 2 sts each row

Abbreviations and Glossary (US Terms):
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Scbl – single crochet back loop only
scfl – single crochet front loop only
Hdc – half double crochet
Tr – treble crochet
qtr – Qhadruple Treble Stitch
st(s) – stitch(es)
inc’d – increased

Overall Pattern Notes
• Shown on model 5’1” with 3” heels.

• You can take rows out in the center portion for a shorter piece that will wear more as a shawl.

• This is the sister to the Burlington Ruana knitting pattern.


Row 1: ch 1 (does NOT act as a st), 3 hdc into magic circle, TURN. / 3 sts

Row 2: ch 1 (does NOT act as a st), [2x hdc], hdc, [2x hdc], TURN ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 5 sts

Row 3: ch 1 (does NOT act as a st), [2x scbl], scbl to last st, [2x scbl] in last st, TURN ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 7 sts

Rows 4– 10: Repeat Rows 2, 3 alternating, ending on a Row 2 / 21 sts after Row 10



Row 11: Repeat Row 3 / ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 23 sts

Row 12: Ch 3 (acts as first tr), tr in same, tr across to last st, [2x tr] in last st, TURN ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 25 sts

Row 13: ch 1 (does NOT act as a st), [2x sc], sc to last st, [2x sc] in last st, TURN ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 27 st


Rows 14– 15: Repeat Rows 2, 3 ** 4 sts inc’d / 31 sts after Row 15


Row 16: ch 1 (does NOT act as a st), [2x sc], sc to last st, [2x sc] in last st, TURN ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 33 st

Row 17: Ch 4 (acts as first qtr), qtr in same, qtr across to last st, [2x qtr] in last st, TURN ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 35 sts

Row 18: ch 1 (does NOT act as a st), [2x sc], sc to last st, [2x sc] in last st, TURN ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 37 st


Row 19: Repeat Row 2 ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 39 st

Row 20: ch 1 (does NOT act as a st), [2x scfl], scfl to last st, [2x scfl] in last st, TURN ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 41 sts


Rows 21- 23: Repeat Rows 11 – 13. / 47 sts after Row 23



Row 24: ch 1 (does NOT act as a st), [2x sc], sc to last st, [2x sc] in last st, TURN ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 49 sts

Rows 25-40: Repeat Rows 2,3 alternating, ending on a Row 3 / 81 sts after Row 40

Rows 41 – 53: REPEAT STRIPING SECTION (Rows 11-23). / 107 sts after Row 53


Row 54: ch 1 (does NOT act as a st), [2x sc], sc to last st, [2x sc] in last st, TURN ** inc’d. by 2 sts / 109 sts

Rows 56-57: Repeat Rows 2, 3 / 113 sts at end

Fasten off


USING COLOR A (or any color of your choice)

Cut 12” strands and pair them in sets of 2 strands each set.

Starting at top edge, using Larks Head Knot, attach one set per row through side ON HDC ROWS ONLY and twice on tr and qtr rows.

Repeat on other side.

Trim ends of fringe to be even.

Weave in all other ends.

Thanks again to Michele of for sharing this free crochet triangle shawl pattern! Be sure to check out Michele’s blog for lots more free modern crochet patterns!

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